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Make a special friendship
treat available to
Native Elders during
the upcoming holidays.

Send 5 eCards & Share a Pie
Send 5 eCards
Share a Pie

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You and I cannot change the past.
We cannot undo all the hurt.

But this Columbus Day — a day that still stings with pain for many American Indians who remember all the suffering that followed Columbus’ arrival — you can make a special gift of friendship. And it won’t cost you a penny!

Here’s all you have to do: just send 5 Free eCards to people you know, and a sweet, delicious pumpkin pie* will be donated to our Operation Turkey Dinner!

Your action will benefit Native Elders in two important ways...

  • First, you will help share information about Native Americans with your friends and family in a fast, easy way.
  • Second, you will help supply pumpkin pies during our Operation Turkey Dinner, since every 5 eCards you send will mean a free pie!

Remember, Operation Turkey Dinner is one of our biggest holiday services. We MUST purchase and deliver meals for nearly 30,000 Native Americans, many of whom are living in poverty. Having free pumpkin pies, thanks to you, would be a BIG help!

To help provide FREE pumpkin pies to Native Elders during Operation Turkey Dinner, send 5 Free eCards now. Hurry, our deadline to count eCards is October 22!

Pumpkin Pie

Every 5 you send means another pumpkin pie … and another Native Elder with a big smile this holiday season!

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and safe Columbus Day,

Shannon Albert
Shannon Albert, President
National Relief Charities

* One of our suppliers has offered to donate all of the pumpkin pies we estimate we’ll need this Thanksgiving, up to a maximum of 5,000 pies. However, in return, they have asked all of our friends to spread the word of the need that exists in Indian Country.

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