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Important Announcement - American Indian Education Foundation is now American Indian Education Fund!
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American Indian Education Foundation is now American Indian Education Fund

Dear Friend,

It’s an exciting time at the American Indian Education Fund, and I wanted you to be the first to know. We have some exciting news to report, including a small change to our name — and a great new logo!

These small but meaningful changes demonstrate our renewed commitment to improving educational opportunities for Native American children and young adults and the switch from “Foundation” to “Fund” emphasizes our drive to provide the resources they need to succeed.

We’re starting the new year with a fresh look, reaffirmed commitment and increased energy, yet our mission remains unchanged. And the need for your renewed support is as real as ever. Just consider…

  • Only half of the students starting kindergarten today will graduate high school.
  • Of the Native American teens who graduate high school only 17% will attend college.
  • And only 1 in 5 students make it through the emotional, academic, and financial stresses of their first year in college!

But your support is helping to change all this, and I am so grateful.

I know you understand education is key to self-sufficiency, achieving a good quality of life, and improving Native communities.

Your support helps provide even more educational resources for Native American students, and further ensures 2016 is a successful year as we work towards achieving many new goals, including:

  • Double the number of students we’re able to award 4-year scholarships;
  • Strengthen our efforts to increase the high school retention rate through a focused, culturally based transition camp for at-risk students;
  • Support our college retention strategy with a new initiative to send mid-term support to help students through final exams.

And that’s all in addition to the great work you already help make possible through the American Indian Education Fund — from the distribution of backpacks and school supplies to emergency assistance for at-risk students.

Together we can ensure even more young people realize their dreams.

Paula Long Fox, Chairperson

P.S. Along with the new name and new logo, we have a new website for you to enjoy. Visit to learn more. Or, you can contact our Donor Relations Department at or toll-free at (800) 881-8694 for assistance. Please make note of the new email address and update your address book accordingly.

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