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Important Announcement - Rescue Operation for Animals of the Reservation is now Reservation Animal Rescue!
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Rescue Operation for Animals of the Reservation is now Reservation Animal Rescue

Dear Friend,

One of our foster parents said something recently that really tugged at my heart:

“Some people take care of people, then
there are people who take care of animals.”

That’s why I’ve come to you today — because I know you’re one of these people and I wanted you to be the first to know!

Maybe you already noticed, but we’ve taken some important steps to energize our mission — starting with a new name that more accurately reflects our work today! Take a look at our new logo and you’ll see…

We’re now Reservation Animal Rescue (RAR)! We’ve gone from ROAR to RAR, but your continued support advances the same critical mission!

This change simplifies our program name and emphasizes our continued focus on animal rescue and the need to provide resources for their care.

But that’s just the beginning. This year we also have exciting new plans to deepen partnerships in reservation communities, to pursue long-term solutions for animal welfare — so that fewer dogs and cats are starving, injured, and abandoned in the first place.

That includes dogs like Eevee, a mom who got separated from her litter, Rocca, who arrived starving and in desperate need of medical attention, and so many more…

All these animals have names, personalities, hopes, and fears. You can see it in their eyes.

Thanks to compassionate friends like you, we’ve been able to do so much for hurting, helpless animals. Over the past year, we worked with 18 Program Partners on 12 reservations across 5 states to:

  • Distribute 69,630 pounds of food and supplies to help the many homeless animals in need.
  • Award $5,500 in grants to cover the cost of spaying/neutering and vaccinated some of the homeless animals living on the reservations.
  • Provide the supplies to deliver hundreds of foster care kits so families can provide loving homes.

I’m so grateful for your commitment to rescuing. You know each and every one deserves love and care, and you’ve helped make sure they get it.

Thank You!

Sincerely, Dr. Carol H. Holgate, DVM, ROAR Chairperson

P.S. Along with the new name and new logo, we have a new website for you to enjoy. Visit to learn more. Or, you can contact our Donor Relations Department at or toll-free at (866) 311-9635. Please make note of the new email address and update your address book accordingly.

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