The AIEF Way

The American Indian Education Fund (AIEF) offers services benefiting Native American students in many areas of the United States. Individual students receive some services directly, while others are administered by schools and colleges.

The AIEF Vision
The American Indian Education Fund will maintain its status as a growing, nationally recognized leader that supports Native American students enrolled in post secondary schools. We seek out students of all ages who are focused on their educational goals, and who demonstrate the ability to make positive change in their communities and in modern society. We expand opportunities for students to attend and remain in tribal or non-tribal colleges by providing vigorous educational leadership and networking services, and by instilling development of institutional leadership and capacity making for students and schools.

The AIEF Mission
To support Native American students in achieving their dreams through completion of post secondary education.

The AIEF Goals
The following goals assist the American Indian Education Fund in delivering services to students and institutions that are easily accessible, supportive, and provides positive success for students, schools and communities:

Volunteer Packs Student Suitcases
AIEF delivers only what our local Program Partners say their communities need.
  1. To provide financial aid to individual students with an awarded yearly scholarship to assist in completing their selected certification or degree.

  2. To provide emergency monies to students to remain in school which are distributed through selected schools who have been awarded an Emergency Grant.

  3. To identify students needing assistance. Many people living on reservations reside in extremely isolated communities. Youngsters in these areas often travel long distances to school, do not have access to even basic school supplies, and may live in homes without electricity. These are the students that we identify to help.

    All children are included in AIEF's fair distribution of backpacks and school supplies.<
    Every child in participating
    schools receives supplies
    provided by AIEF.


  4. To provide matching monies to selected schools that have been awarded a Challenge Grant to increase the number of American Indian scholarships.

  5. We make our expectations clear to our Program Partners in writing. We depend heavily on the people who work in the schools and live in the reservation communities to make our services work. We clearly outline our expectations as to what the community needs to do, as well as what we will do for the community. Building this line of communication makes our services more effective because all responsibilities are clearly stated.

  6. We insist upon accountability. We expect our Program Partners to care as much about the goods and services we provide to them as we do. Goods and services must go only to the intended beneficiaries. We fulfill our obligations to our Program Partners, and we expect our Program Partners to fulfill their obligations to us.

  7. AIEF will not deliver unwanted or inappropriate goods to reservation students or schools. We concentrate on what our Program Partners tell us they need for their communities.

  8. We are respectful of all monetary and gift-in-kind donations. Our resources are used meaningfully and wisely. We have a limited budget and cannot solve all of the problems in Indian education. We are constantly rethinking our strategies to improve our effectiveness and leverage our resources. Everything we do successfully moves us towards completing our mission.

Our Mission: Serving immediate needs. Supporting long-term solutions.
Our Vision: Strong, self-sufficient Native American communities.

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