Thanks! From Kelsey and Kyle

Scholarship Stats
Kelsey and Kyle were awarded the Undergraduate scholarships through the American Indian Education Fund (AIEF) program, formerly American Indian Education Foundation. That wasn’t the end of the support, though.

Care packages are a great way for AIEF and their donors to extend their support to the student when he or she least expects it. We made sure that Kelsey, Kyle, and the rest of the students all received one. This year’s package included a sturdy backpack with a bunch of useful supplies.

Why? Sending a student off to a far off school can be daunting and sending a care package may not be at the top of the list for some families. For many, families focus more on the worry about whether or not the student has enough money to make it on his or her own while away from home for months on end. This is just one of the many reasons AIEF believes this goodie box is so important.

Once they received their care package, Kelsey and Kyle did what many other scholarship students did via emails and personal cards… they sent their thanks!

Here are Kelsey and Kyle’s notes to AIEF and their generous donors:

Kelsey's noteKelsey's note