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My name is Brandie R. and my tribal affiliation is Navajo.

In my culture, clans are a way to identify who you are to other Navajos and represent your family generations both maternal and paternal. My clans are Many Hogans born for the Squatting Tree clan. I live on the border of the Navajo reservation with my mother in a rural town in New Mexico. I appreciate your consideration of my application for a scholarship from the American Indian Education Foundation and for this opportunity to share more about my dreams.

My mother is the only provider for my household. I set high expectations for myself to prove to others that I can be successful despite difficulties I have faced. I am excited to go to college and am determined to achieve a Master’s degree in Psychology.

Throughout my high school career, I have strived to maintain good grades and to be involved in extracurricular activities because they give me the opportunity to give back to my community.

Achievement has always been my largest priority. I strive to accomplish things that will put me ahead of the game. As a result, my standards increased with each experience. As I matured into a young woman, I realized the importance of education in my life.

My mother is the person who inspired me to go to college because she wants me to have a better life in the future. She wants me to be able to take care of myself rather than relying on others for financial assistance. I want to make her proud.

My passion and commitment will push me forward to attain a college education. I am passionate in gaining a college education because I want to show others that I can be a successful Native American woman.

My greatest weakness in attaining a college education is not my academics, but rather the financial burden that college will place on my family. To overcome this challenge, I applied for numerous scholarships and for work study and federal aid to supplement any unmet needs.

Ultimately, I am determined to attain a college education so that I can set an example for younger generations to become more than a high school dropout.

Thank you!

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