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Photo of Marley "Thank you for believing in me."

“Ya ’at’eeh! That is my greeting to you in Navajo. But the words I most want to say to you today, I will say in English. They are these words. “Thank you.” Thank you for believing in me. When my family could not afford to send me to college, you were there. When I came up short in making my first semester’s tuition payment, you were there. And now, because of you, I will be returning to the Reservation soon with my degree completed as a Registered Nurse! You have changed my life, and you have changed my community for the better. Thank you for your continued friendship and support for my people! ”


My family has always had an economic struggle. Our livelihood was living paycheck to paycheck to get through each week.

I'm working to achieve my Nursing Degree, going to classes in the daytime and studing two to three hours each night.

I grew up around my maternal family and they have always inspired me to work toward my future profession.

Growing up on the Navajo Reservation has brought a lot of attention to my eyes about the health of Native Americans. Many are struggling with health problems. My maternal and paternal grandparents both have a history of arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer. I have witnessed several of my grandparents lose their battle to heart disease and cancer.

I would like to make a change in the lives of children and adults in having a healthier lifestyle. That is another reason why I want to pursue a profession in health care to help save the lives of Native Americans and other people around the world.

I am looking forward to coming back to my community as a Registered Nurse and helping children and families. Thank you very much for supporting me in my education. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated and a huge financial relief.

Thank you for your support!

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