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Justine was entering the “big school” and she knew she would need her big brother’s support and guidance more than ever!.

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Up to 43 percent of Native American children live in poverty and 29 percent of employed Native Americans live below poverty level.

Throughout our country, Native American children travel each day for hours across rugged and remote areas to attend school. These students often lack the simplest tools — such as paper, pencils, and notebooks — needed to participate in class.

Years of struggle take their toll on students. Today, only 17% of Native American high school graduates begin college. Of these, only one in five makes it through the academic, emotional, and financial stresses of the first year.

Yet, like all our children, these youngsters are inspired by the dream of a better future. Since 1997, the American Indian Education Fund (AIEF) has given hope to Native American students by providing the tools they need to succeed!

Our Services focus on:

School Supplies

To help young Native Americans get off to a good start each fall, we distribute basic supplies to preschools, elementary schools, and secondary schools serving reservations in the Northern Plains and Southwest.

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The AIEF Literacy service partners with community programs such as Head Start and after-school care programs to help stock libraries for students who may not otherwise have access to children’s books.

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We follow up on the School Supplies service by providing scholarships — undergraduate and graduate, — to Indian peoples pursuing higher education. In fact, the AIEF program is one of America's largest grantors of scholarships to Native Americans, supporting more than 225 students each year.

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Emergency Funds

The Emergency Funds service provides small grants to selected colleges, which can then assist students with expenses that might otherwise threaten their ability to stay in school.

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Tools of the Trade

Through the Tools of the Trade service, the AIEF program offers small grants to vocational/technical schools so they can provide professional supplies to Native American students.

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Challenge Grants

The Challenge Grant service acts as a catalyst for the creation of new Native American scholarships by encouraging public and tribal colleges to seek funds specifically for this purpose.

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Transition Camp

The purpose of this service is to support and “Motivate to Graduate” students, increase retention in schools, assist in transitioning from high school to college, and offer other career alternatives to students.

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