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Student Profile Header - Julius A.

Listen to my story...

Hi, my name is Julius and I am a Navajo.

I grew up about 18 miles out of town with my mother and grandmother. Now I attend school to get a Bachelors degree in Business Management.

I occasionally go back to the Navajo Nation when I find the time, due to schooling. But when I go back there is no relax time, I go straight to work because of the living conditions.

Until recently, we had no running water and no heating system for our house. We used a water tank to hold our water after we have hauled it from town. We also owned sheep, dogs, and chickens that I maintained and looked after, because of my grandmother's age.

I do my best to keep up my grades and maintain a good grade point average. My mother and grandmother inspired me to pursue a college education, because they want me to have everything they never had as they were growing up.

My native heritage is what defines me; it is what makes me shine out through everyone. It shows others that I am a Native American and I can exceed in life and will be successful. My plan is to change the community that I come from and to encourage the youth that anything is possible if you just apply yourself. To have a business on the Navajo Nation will encourage other businesses to come and establish themselves, which will make the Navajo Nation more sovereign and be economically sufficient.

Financial aid for me is a must, because I come from a family with low income. My mother supports my brother, grandmother, her, and me. To see her go through life with no second financial help made me pursue a job. Receiving financial aid is a goal of mine, so I do not put stress on my mother to pay for my college education.

A unique attribute of mine is that I work hard and never give up; I push myself to achieve my goals. The thing about me that will help me succeed in college is that I challenge myself to everything that is thrown at me. I take school seriously, because the knowledge is more important to me than anything else.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to me and for helping students like me with scholarships for college.

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