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Student Profile Header - Keiyana L.

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"I want the opportunity to go to college and receive a high education; I want to change the world of medicine as much as I can."

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"I'm from the Zuni Pueblo tribe in Zuni, New Mexico... My tribe is what makes me
what I am."
Hello, my name is Keiyana. I'm from the Zuni Pueblo tribe in Zuni, New Mexico.

I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, while my brother and sister were both born in Zuni. My household contains 5 people. My father is a Navy Veteran and my mother works at the VA medical hospital. I'm half Native American and African American.

I basically grew up most of my childhood in Zuni, New Mexico. At the age of 11, other opportunities took my family and I to Albuquerque. Zuni has always been a home to me and as soon as I was born I picked up the Zuni language pretty fast, and still today can understand it. My family in Zuni is very supportive with my siblings and me. They drive two hours to watch an hour of one of us perform. I love what traditions my tribe follows, and I will cherish them forever. My tribe is what makes me what I am.

Every year when winter begins, my family and I go down to Zuni, to take part in Shalako festivities. It's one of the most important times of the year. I decided to make positive changes in my community by going to college and seek a higher education. My grandpa, uncle, and mother are all in the medical field, and I would like to follow. I would like to work with the IHS hospital to give my community new medicine and updated medical procedures.

One of the biggest obstacles I have had to overcome to get to this point of my life was my father's accident. Around 2002, my father got into a motorcycle accident that left him paralyzed from the hips down. One moment he was walking; the next he was rolling around in a wheel chair. I was only 7 at the time and it was such a drastic change. He however took this as a blessing in disguise.

He taught both me and my brother how to play basketball at a competitive level — a level worthy of varsity. He turned my brother into one of the best class of 2014 forwards in Albuquerque. He practiced hours with me, getting my three point shot down, until when I was in the game, it was like everyday life. Seeing him overcome a huge aspect of life — walking — made me realize I could accomplish anything.

Picture of Zuni Landscape
"Zuni has always been a home to me and as soon as I was born I picked up the Zuni Language pretty fast..."
Beginning of junior year I tore my ACL, experiencing the worst pain I've ever felt. I got through it with the help of my family and my team. Every day, I had to go through therapy, and learn that my knee will never be the same. All that I have been through has changed me in positive ways. Succeeding in college has been my top priority through my years.

Through my high school experience, I was a student athlete. My parents were always concerned about grades, so I had to make sure I received around a 3.0 the whole year. Every year I knew I needed good grades to get me into college. Basically my whole life I set myself up to pursue a career and make my parents proud. They have provided more than enough for me; I would like to return their hard work.

Somehow I always knew I would go to college and participate in something inside the medical field. I fell in love with anatomy with a career class I took my junior year. That year I decided I wanted to become a pharmacist.

I'm a very ambitious person with a straight-forward head. When I make a goal I will follow any possible step to accomplish it. I want the opportunity to go to college and receive a high education; I want to change the world of medicine as much as I can. My strengths begin with my eagerness to finish everything I start. I'm a very creative person and have an artistic side.

Scholarships are extremely important to me, especially nearing the end of my senior year. I have two younger siblings who need to go to college, one leaving exactly one year after I do. I want them to have a chance at going to college after me. I plan to fund my education goals, by receiving any scholarship I can. I plan to work this upcoming summer to make enough money for books and other supplies. I will be thankful if I receive any scholarship.

Thank you very much for this great opportunity.

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