Success Stories

American Indian Education Fund Program’s success stories allow us to show our donors how the services they support help real students in real communities on reservations throughout the United States.

We hope that by sharing stories of these dedicated Native Americans, along with pictures of them and their communities, we will open a window into the lives of students on the reservations. We want to show all those who care about Indian people that together we are achieving our mission: "To give Native American students the tools, resources, and opportunities to learn and succeed. By harnessing the power of knowledge, these future leaders can work to bring about positive changes in their own lives and their communities."

Here are only a few success stories from over the years ...

Alyssa London on stage as Miss Alaska USA 2017

It's been almost 10 years (October 18th, 2010) since we first met Alyssa during her junior year at Stanford. We reconnected and asked Alyssa to catch us up. She provided PWNA's AIEF a beautiful and empowering glimpse of her world. Read More

Owen, a Native American rancher and rodeoer, who also is talented at the written word

Owen's dream is to return to the Blackfeet Nation and contribute to his tribe's food sovereignty and local economy by becoming a fourth-generation rancher. He is not only a skilled roper (competing on his college rodeo team) but is also a talented writer. Read More

Taylor, a Native American graduate student attending law school in Colorado who is managing the COVID crisis by remote learning and remote working.

Although the pandemic has been particularly hard on our Native communities, Taylor is thankful to be blessed with COVID relief while attending law school. Read More

Kira, a Native American graduate student pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre. She is originally from Unalakleet, AK.

Kira was taught from a young age that sharing is what keeps a community healthy. Studying musical theater gives Kira a way to share her Alaskan cultural stories and values with the world. Read More

Brooklyn, a Native American student who received school supplies from AIEF in 2018.

AIEF receives reports on how our partner schools in the Northern Plains and Southwest Area are beginning their school year during the pandemic. Read More/span>

Mary, a teacher on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation and AIEF Alum Scholar.

Mary, a teacher on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation and AIEF Alum Scholar, updates us on what her first day of school has been like and why school supplies are needed now more than ever. Read More


Caitlynn is honoring her late grandmother (shimá sání) by pursuing her Masters of Arts in Indigenous Leadership, Self-Determination, and Sustainable Community Building in the middle of a pandemic. Read More


Kassidy, Navajo from the Whippoorwill community, received AIEF funding for her 2019-20 academic year and most recently added “Bachelor of Science, Nursing” to her resume. See how she's faring during COVID-19. Read More


New school supplies, new backpack,... the only thing missing for this new kindergartener, Mikey, was a haircut. But Mikey took care of that for himself... and for his dad! Read More