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AIRC Christmas
Charity Edwards Black Bear

Special gifts for a special lady, Charity.

Special Gifts for Special Elders
Peter is a resident at the Bennett County Health Care Center in Martin, South Dakota. He and his neighbors were recently among the happy recipients of holiday gifts through the AIRC Christmas service.

AIRC received a heartfelt letter from the center thanking us "for all you do" over the holidays. The staff wrote that Peter "is a lively, cheerful gentleman who likes to visit, play sports games, joke and tease around with other residents and staff”. When asked if he liked his Christmas gift, he answered, "Thank you, I love you."

Charity has been living at the center for about two years. The staff told us this “special lady with special needs is a real joy to us all. Charity loves all kinds of arts, crafts, games, sports, and enjoys helping others, residents and staff. [She is] a little mother hen, keeping watch over all." When asked what she thought of her Christmas gifts, she stated, "Sure I like all my gifts. Thank you so much!”

The staff also told us about Wilson and Roy and many other residents. Whether they were able to speak, or could only communicate with hand gestures and facial expressions, all showed appreciation to AIRC donors for remembering them during the holidays.

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Wilson Roy

Wilson and Roy enjoyed celebrating Christmas with AIRC.

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