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Success Stories

Hug-a-Bear Service Story

Never doubt the healing powers of an understanding bear! Here are a few glimpses of the good work done through our Hug-a-Bear service.

"Last week, we checked a little girl who was having trouble breathing. My partner and I gave oxygen, and began transport of her and her mom to the medical facility. We had a little gray hug-a-bear in our unit wearing a white t-shirt. She quickly perked up and held it in her arms. She held the pediatric non-rebreather mask in one hand while she gripped the bear in her free hand between her legs. Every now and then she would move the mask and see how the bear was doing, sitting on her lap. It was a cute sight! She took control of her care by holding her mask and by caring for her bear too! Thank you, for making our transport time of an hour and a half to a medical facility breeze by! Mom finally had a chance to rest, knowing her child was near and heading to medical care." -- Doreen Howland, EMT — Basic Jicarilla Emergency Medical Services, Dulce, NM

"A 4 year-old little girl was brought in by her mother. The child feels miserable. She has a high fever and cannot eat due to her throat hurting. Her lungs are also congested. She is in need of a nebulizer treatment. After her treatment she appeared to be much better. We offered her a stuffed animal for being such a great patient. She chose a black dog. She hugged her friend and left happy." -- Ruby Inez Jicarilla EMS, Dulce, NM

"In June we had a 10 year-old boy who was diagnosed with cancer. He has gone from not ever being sick to being in and out of the hospital. He has been there for two months now. The young boy is going through chemotherapy and is slowly losing his hair. He is working hard on staying strong for his mom. He likes stuffed animals and keeps them with him during his treatments."

"Thank you Council of Indian Nations for assisting our community with the warm and loving stuffed animals. Some of the stuffed animals were shared with the local Law Enforcement and Social Services Program."

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