Northern Plans Reservation Aid™

90,000 Native Americans are homeless or live in unsafe and sub-standard housing, and 23 percent of Native families live with low food security.

The Northern Plains Reservation Aid™ (NPRA) Program provides food, water, health products and emergency relief services for Native American Elders, families and children in need living on reservations in the Northern Plains.


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Ron's Tiller

A military veteran, Ron lived off the reservation for many years. After returning, he noticed that there weren’t too many people gardening.


Philomene left at 4:30am, three days a week to go to a clinic near the main hospital that served the Rosebud Reservation.

Rena TG

Fenton's home was exposed to all the elements the Northern Plains brought — a makeshift wind deflector on his front door was clearly visible.

Featured Service

Ruby’s experience (and her generous spirit) is the perfect illustration of why “Project Grow” is one of the most effective self-help initiatives in “Indian Country.”

Gardens mean exercise, gardens mean young and old working together, gardens mean stronger communities — and most importantly, gardens mean food. Thank you for helping to make this happen!

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Myths abound about Native Americans. Do you know the facts? Download this infographic to learn more and share.