Emergency Care

A “care package” from NPRA often elicits the question, “ Do I have to give it back?” from an incredulous foster child (NPRA staff member's daughter pictured in order to protect identity of foster children).

Our Emergency Services provide disaster relief for tribes adversely affected by environmental emergencies. When disaster assistance is needed, the NPRA program is quick to respond to the tribes within and beyond our regular service area.

The physical environment on the reservations we support is often harsh, giving rise to a wide range of environmental disasters such as floods, forest fires, blizzards, ice storms, and more. Some communities also experience acute or chronic contaminated-water emergencies. In the United States, 90,000 Native Americans are homeless and 40% of Native Americans live in sub-standard, overcrowded housing. The typical wait time for tribal housing assistance is three years or more.

When unexpected weather or environmental emergencies arise, our Disaster Relief service helps our reservation Program Partners assist communities in need and families who have been displaced.

NRPA also assists homeless shelters on the reservations, along with shelters for the aged, disabled, veterans and others, as well as children in trauma.

Service category: Emergency