Success Stories

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How do you know you are making a difference? Just listen to some of the feedback Elders on the Rosebud Reservation shared:

"Love it!"
"Very helpful to Elderly."
"I greatly appreciate the food."
"Sure helps out our food budget."
"It's a good program; saves me money."
"Thank you! I really appreciate the help!"
"Everything is helpful. I appreciate everything!"
"I think we have the most helpful people on the Reservation."
"The program is very nutritious. I think it's wonderful. Very helpful."

Or, if you like data and statistics, you'll enjoy scanning through the facts below. The numbers and popularity continue to increase for the Breakfast in a Bag service from the previous year:

  • 9% increase in Elders served through the Breakfast in a Bag service from 2010 to 2011
  • 17% of Elders for 2011 listed as picking up their groceries for Breakfast in a Bag on their own
  • 83% listed as having one or more sponsors responsible for pickup and delivery of their groceries each month
  • 18% new to the Breakfast in a Bag service
  • 72 new sponsors volunteering to help with the service
  • 76% of Elder recipients have a sponsor that delivers their groceries each month

There are 17% Elder recipients who are 80 years and older. The oldest Elder served through the service is 98 years old and she celebrates her birthday near Thanksgiving!

The number of household members sharing the home with the Elders varies greatly. A majority of Elders either live alone or are in a household of two individuals.

The distance that Elders and their sponsors have to travel between Buches Store and their home varies, but there are still over 35% that live between 20 and 40+ miles from the store.

Of the groceries Elders receive, including milk, eggs, bananas, potatoes, bread, juice, cereal, ground beef, and sausage links, 2010's Focus Group revealed that milk and eggs were the most favored.

Your support helps to brighten an Elder's life and cupboards. Thank you!

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