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Partnership With Native Americans - Building Strong, Self-Sufficient Native American Communities


“Serving immediate needs. Supporting long-term solutions.”


“Strong, self-sufficient Native American communities.”

The Programs
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American Indian Education Foundation
American Indian Education Foundation

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School Supplies

AIEF distributes school supplies to help children begin each year with pride and confidence.

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The American Indian Education Foundation (AIEF) program offers the gift of education to Native American youngsters across the country.  On many remote and poverty-stricken reservations, families can ill-afford pencils or paper for their children, and a college education seems like an impossible goal.  Yet with the help of generous donors, AIEF programming helps make the dream of higher education — and the dream of a better future for all Indian peoples — come true. 

To help Native American youngsters get off to a good start each year, the School Supplies service distributes basic learning materials to reservation schools throughout the Northern Plains and Southwest. 

This AIEF service is one of America's most effective scholarship services for Native Americans. In addition to funding about 200 Native American students every year, these scholarships provide encouragement and materials to each scholarship student, especially during the critical first year of college. The first year completion rate for these students is unmatched by any other scholarship program serving Native Americans.
More than 95% of these scholarship recipients complete their first year of college, compared to only 20% of other Native American students.

With help from the AIEF program, Kelly earned a college degree and now teaches on her reservation.

With help from the AIEF program, Kelly earned a college degree and now teaches on her reservation.

The Emergency Funds service ensures that unexpected events do not end the dreams of Native American scholars. Small grants are provided to selected colleges, which can then assist students with expenses that might otherwise threaten their ability to stay in school.

A Brighter Future 
As with all NRC programs, AIEF targets some of the most remote and resource-poor areas in the United States. When the motivated students in these communities have the encouragement and tools they need to succeed in school, the sky's the limit!
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