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Map: New Mexico, Pueblo of Isleta
New Mexico: Pueblo of Isleta

About the Isleta Pueblo:
The Isleto Pueblo, who speak the Tiwa language, are most well known for their principle occupation of agriculture. They were originally established around the 14th century, living next to the Manzano Mountains and in the Rio Grande Valley.

History of the Reservation:
History of the Reservation: When the Pueblo Revolt first started, many Isleta Pueblos fled to Hopi reservations in Arizona. After the revolt ended, the Isleta Pueblos returned to their former land, many bringing Hopi spouses and half Hopi children. This led to internal disagreements over religious views and rituals. This drawn out conflict eventually resulted in the creation of the settlement of Oraibi. The Isleta Pueblo today is comprised of two smaller communities, Oraibi and Chicale, and the main Pueblo, Isleta.

Life on the Reservation:
The majority of the Isleta Pueblo population works outside the reservation, with agriculture being the principle occupation. They are known for bread baking, as well as jewelry making and pottery.