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New Mexico: Picuris Pueblo

The Picuris Pueblo has a population of only 270 now, but at one time it was one of the two largest pueblos with over 3,000 Indians. European diseases and attacks from the Apache decreased the population dramatically over time. The Pueblo Revolt of 1680 did not fare well for the Indians in this community; however, the Picuris were considered fierce warriors and led much of the attack against the Spanish.

Reservations in New Mexico

Picuris is located in an isolated valley in the Northern hills of New Mexico. They refer to themselves as the "People of the Hidden Valley". The Anasazi lived here since 900AD and the Picuris people arrived in about 1250AD. The Picuris historically relied upon farming and hunting for subsistence. Today, many of the Picuris have moved away to seek higher paying jobs elsewhere.

During the 1960's an excavation project was undertaken at the old village site near the current day town. A large array of artifacts was found and are now on display at a museum in Picuris.

Reservations in New Mexico