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2018 Backpack Drive

2018 Backpack Drive

Donate a backpack to a student

Can something as simple as pencils help change a life? Yes!

Pencils, notebooks and other essentials directly contribute to a student's daily success, but also to their chance of graduation high school and taking the next step toward college.

Yet many reservation schools lack nearly every basic resource needed to help children learn and stay engaged. Many schools struggle with understaffing and inadequate funding, unable to help with student needs. Many families are unable to afford school necessities, choosing instead to purchase food. For some communities, such as those on remote Navajo lands or on the Blackfeet Reservation near the Canadian border, there is simply an absence of retail stores where school supplies can be purchased.

You may be wondering, How do the children fare in all of this? More than 60 percent of Native American children are living below poverty or in low-income households, and only 13 percent of Native students are graduating from college. Impoverishment also impacts school attendance and reading levels of Native children.

What can you do? Give!

Help us provide school supplies such as backpacks, pencils and binders for thousands of Native American children and parents like Monica of the Jemez Pueblo in New Mexico. Last year, our school supplies outfitted her three school-age children in 3rd, 6th and 7th grades, allowing her to re-allocate scarce resources to other family needs.

Donate a backpack to a student

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  • Back to school is just around the corner and I’m helping Native American children who are hoping for backpacks and school supplies. Learn how you can help at www.PWNA4hope.org. #PWNA4students #studentbackpacks
  • I just filled a backpack with school supplies for a Native American child in need. Find out how you can too! www.PWNA4hope.org #PWNA4students #studentbackpacks
  • I’m supporting @PWNA4hope (https://www.facebook.com/PWNA4hope/) and their 2018 Student Backpack Drive for Native American children in reservation schools. #PWNA4students #studentbackpacks


  • It’s back to school time. I’m helping #Native students in need of school supplies. U can help too! www.PWNA4hope.org. #studentbackpacks
  • I’m supporting @PWNA4hope and their 2018 Student Backpack Drive www.PWNA4hope.org #PWNA4students #studentbackpacks
  • I just filled a backpack w/supplies for #Native children. Will you join me? www.PWNA4hope.org #PWNA4students #studentbackpacks


  • The 2018 Student Backpack Drive hosted by Partnership With Native Americans and the American Indian Education Fund will help thousands of Native children in reservation schools. Get involved: www.PWNA4hope.org. #studentbackpacks
  • Back to school is just around the corner and Native American children on remote reservations are hoping for student backpacks and school supplies. Learn more about #PWNA4students and how you can help change a life: www.PWNA4hope.org
  • With about two-thirds of Native American students in need of #studentpacks and school supplies, Partnership with Native Americans is hosting the 2018 Backpack Drive. Get involved: www.PWNA4hope.org


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