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2019 Backpack Drive

2019 Backpack Drive

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Did you know teachers spend nearly $500 a year buying school supplies for children in their classrooms? Or that the cost of delivering supplies to a single school on a reservation is approximately $135, and that PWNA delivers supplies to more than 20,000 students at more than 60 reservation schools annually?

School supplies are as critical to students and teachers as the classroom and the buses that take them there. Since many Native American students live in remote, geographically isolated areas where transportation and shopping are limited, we need your help to ensure our reservation school partners have school supplies for their students.

With more than 60 percent of Native American children living below poverty or in low-income households, the basic supplies we take for granted are often luxuries in Native communities where jobs are scarce, shopping is limited, and family budgets simply cannot be stretched any further.

Students like Jack, who attended a small elementary school on the Pine Ridge Reservation, went on to graduate from Red Cloud High School and then attended college at Northern State University. Looking back, he remembers the challenges of getting basic supplies like paper and pencils. And he also remembers the time school supplies were provided to he and his classmates in elementary school, by PWNA and other donors.

Native children already face barriers related to income, not to mention federal policies that adversely affect their tribes and educational opportunities. Let’s not let these social inequities be the reason they don’t succeed in school.

What can you do? Give!

This year, PWNA hopes to equip more than 20,000 students with the essentials they need to feel confident in the classroom and ready to learn. Help us deliver backpacks and school supplies to K-12 students in time for back to school by making a donation today.

Donate Today!

You can also help by spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter. The more you share, the more we can help our students!


  • The new school year is around the corner and I’m helping to prepare Native American children who are in need of backpacks and school supplies. You can help too by contributing today at www.PWNA4hope.org #PWNA4students #studentbackpacks
  • Teachers spend hundreds of dollars a year buying school supplies for children in their classrooms. And the average cost to just deliver school supplies to a Native American reservation school is $135. Will you help us get school supplies to the reservations this year? Make a donation today at www.PWNA4hope.org #PWNA4students #studentbackpacks
  • I’m supporting @PWNA4hope (https://www.facebook.com/PWNA4hope/) and their 2019 Student Backpack Drive for Native American children attending remote reservation schools. #PWNA4students #studentbackpacks


  • School's back in session and I'm helping #NativeAmerican students in need of school supplies. Will you help too? www.PWNA4hope.org #PWNA4students #studentbackpacks
  • I’m supporting @PWNA4hope and their 2019 Student Backpack Drive www.PWNA4hope.org #PWNA4students #studentbackpacks
  • I just filled a backpack with school supplies for #NativeAmerican children. Will you join me? www.PWNA4hope.org #PWNA4students #studentbackpacks


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