Gift in Kind


Matthew 25: Ministries was the first organization to give in-kind products to Partnership with Native Americans.

Their early donations of basic products that were integral to PWNA’s services allowed PWNA to expand the number of partners and reservations being served. Today, Matthew 25 continues to provide a significant amount of material goods that PWNA gets to the right reservations at the right times.

When privately-owned businesses or corporations decide to donate products they make or sell, it is often because they have a strong sense of corporate social responsibility (CSR). They want the products to have a positive impact on the lives of people here in this country, but they lack the partnerships and distribution system to get the products to the people who need them. They often choose PWNA because we excel at getting the right products to the reservations.

Sometimes businesses give because they have a surplus and a donation helps their bottom line more than a loss. This is not to be frowned upon; it is a simple fact of doing business and giving is giving. These donors give high volumes of new, quality products that are needed on the reservations. Other businesses give products they cannot sell, ship, or store cost-effectively. In the case of food, they may be unable to sell or ship the product prior to expiration. PWNA can distribute fresh, canned, packaged, and frozen food immediately to people in need on the reservations. The number of families turning to reservation food banks has risen dramatically. High volumes of food that is fresh, nonperishable, or not expired, are needed and welcomed.

Goods have the highest value when they are the specific goods a Program Partner needs. Because PWNA strives to put the right products into the hands of the right partners at the right times, we are equipped to 1) store and transport the goods, and 2) help the partners use the goods to create more good, such as more nutritious meals or higher attendance at health screenings and classes. This means that your in-kind products will have more impact when you donate them to PWNA.

For questions about grants or volume giving, please email our Mission Advancement and Donor Development Director,
Jasey Jones, or call (214) 217-2600 Ext. 109.