HuTerra — raise funds while shopping for the things you need.

HuTerra - raise funds while shopping for the things you need. Download the app today!

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What is HuTerra?

HuTerra is an app that helps Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA) raise funds for services when our supporters, like you, shop at local and online name brand businesses that participate with HuTerra.

PWNA provides critical supplies like food, water and other essentials for immediate relief in remote reservation communities with the highest need in the U.S. PWNA also increases food access and builds capacity

Through nutrition and leadership training as well as emergency preparedness planning and first responder training.

How does HuTerra work?

You can purchase eGift cards from name brand stores — use them online, in-store, or gift them to others. Great for last minute gifts!

Shop online through the My HuTerra app at participating name brand stores many that you visit often anyway.

There is also an option to shop in-store for the things you want. Then, you easily scan your receipts and submit them - right from the app.

HuTerra collects the funds raised from the stores and passes the funds to us.

What stores participate with HuTerra?

You can shop hundreds of popular brands to rack up HuTerra rewards. Whether you need to put gas in your car, send a loved one an eGift card, buy airline tickets, stock up on groceries, or finish a DIY home project, you can earn HuTerra rewards.

Amazon, Walmart, Lowe's, The Home Depot, Delta, Macy's, Sam's Club, Panera Bread,, Target, and CVS Pharmacy are just a few of the participating brands.

How do I get started?

Watch the video to the left for a full step-by-step visual on how to download and use the HuTerra app, or follow the instructions below:

  • Download the My HuTerra app on your phone
  • Create a sign in with your first and last name, email address, username, password, and zip code
  • Tap the purple My Fundraisers button
  • Tap the green + Add Fundraiser button
  • Search for PWNA
  • Tap on the red, yellow, grey, and black circle logo to select Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA)
  • Start shopping!

You can tap the “Local” tab at the bottom to see what local stores near you offer HuTerra rewards.

The “Online” tab will show you what participating stores allow you to shop online right from your phone!

The “Gift Cards” tab will let you buy eGift cards to participating brands - perfect for gifts you may have forgotten to mail.

If you think your purchases or small donated percentages won’t add up to make a difference — just remember that less than a dollar a day can help provide an Elder with Breakfast-In-A-Bag, a Native child with a backpack full of school supplies, or Foster Kits to help two homeless reservation animals.