Education is a cornerstone for self-sufficiency and the long-term challenges facing Indian country.

Long-Term Solutions

Capacity Building

Our Capacity Building services equip our reservation partners who want to make a greater contribution to their communities. PWNA has been testing and revamping our formal training service with reservation partners since 2012, resulting in a new service that is unlike any offered in Indian country. This new training is a direct result of feedback from our reservation partners about needs and next steps that will help them be more effective.

Currently, our Capacity Building program includes one service: the 4 Directions Development Program (4D). This training is designed around a six-month program, with partners committing to personal and professional development goals and working with mentors for support in attaining their goals. Our first cohort completes training this Spring. PWNA will track and report the progress of the participating participants for up to three years after program completion.

PWNA is expanding Capacity Building services in 2015 for both Southwest and Northern Plains reservations.