Charitable Gift Annuities

Charitable Gift Annuity is a contract between a donor and Partnership With Native Americans or a specific PWNA program. You make a gift to Partnership With Native Americans which agrees to pay a specified income to you for life (or after your passing, to your 2nd annuitant). It is a legally binding agreement and is payable from the general assets of our organization. The payout rates for a “Single Life Annuity” or “Two Life Annuity” agreement do not exceed those suggested by the American Council on Gift Annuities as updated on their website,

You are invited to enter into a Charitable Gift Annuity agreement with Partnership With Native Americans or specific PWNA programs with an annuity amount starting at $20,000 and if you are age 61 years or older.


pwna Charitable Gift Annuities Process


All it takes is three easy steps to learn how you may obtain an annuity and what your estimated quarterly payments will be for the rest of your life.

  1. Call Joe Langenderfer, Direct of Planned Giving at (214) 217-2600, Ext. 111 to see if we offer gift annuities in your state.
  2. Provide the annuity amount.
  3. Provide your date of birth (and that of the 2nd annuitant if a Two Life Annuity)
  4. Provide your current income tax bracket (so that the tax-free portion of your annuity income can be calculated accurately)

We will then provide you with the interest rate for your annuity and the amount of quarterly or annual payments you will receive. When you decide you want the annuity and transfer the cash or stock to PWNA, you will start receiving your lifetime income stream.

If you have any questions regarding planned giving, please contact Joe Langenderfer, CFRE, Director of Planned Giving at (214) 217-2600 Ext. 111. You are also encouraged to consult with your legal and financial advisors when considering a planned gift.