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100-Day Supply Drive to Serve Native Americans #NativePartnerHOPE
Family foundations, community foundations and corporate groups often choose PWNA as a partner for their funding priorities, because we address critical humanitarian needs such as hunger, healthcare, education and youth and elderly services and because our approach helps avoid dependency.

Year-round, PWNA collaborates with more than 1,000 tribal partners to address immediate needs for Native American Elders, families and children with the highest need in the U.S. Nearly 90% of our tribal partners are more effective in meeting their goals due to PWNA’s support.

PWNA also supports development of emerging leaders and grassroots community investment projects such as food sovereignty initiatives for crop production, farmer’s markets and food preservation. A BBB-accredited charity, Partnership With Native Americans relies on monetary support from groups like yours to serve immediate needs and support sustainable gains in tribal communities.

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