Reservation Animal Rescue

Working with Program Partners, we improve the quality of life for stranded and orphaned animals on Reservations.

In addition to providing basic supplies for their care, we also help fund mobile spay and neuter clinics, care for stray and orphaned animals ... place them in foster care ... and get them ready for adoption into loving homes — where they belong!



Galway's Swollen Face Before Care

“Galway was brought to us by a teacher in Spring Creek. His face and mouth were full of quills and his body was nothing but bones.”

Photo of Junior

Since Junior roamed the reservation on his own before, it was hard to convince him of the perks of being a “house dog.”

Galway's Swollen Face Before Care

"Thanks to all of my team who worked so hard today and to all of our community members who brought your animals in!"

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Native American reservations often face the issue of homeless animals without the resources to manage it. When we see innocent animals suffering unnecessarily, we don't want to just speak out ... we want to SHOUT.

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Native Americans have long honored the wisdom animals provide for our lives. As an animal-lover, you have experienced this for yourself. Our Sage Pages allow you to create and personalize your own web page to honor the animal wisdom in your life, sharing their pictures and stories - have fun with it!

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