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Please sign this pledge to treat all reservation animals humanely.

There are an estimated 1,500 stray dogs roaming the Navajo Nation, but the real number may be as much as four times higher. And there are many hundreds of stray cats as well.

Native American reservations often face this issue without the resources to manage it. When we see innocent animals suffering unnecessarily, we don't want to just speak out... we want to take action.

Because this problem is so severe, we pledge to:

* provide necessities such as pet food, blankets, toys and treats
* support mobile spay and neuter clinics
* care for stray and orphaned animals, with the goal of adoption into loving homes
* tell family and friends about this issue

Please add your voice and your support for dogs and cats on Native American reservations today.

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Recent Comments

I would like to start my own chapter or non profit to also help with this issue on my reservation. To many stray dogs they need good homes and our reservation needs to be cleaned up.

Thank you for doing this important work.