Success Stories

2 Are Better Than 1

Photo of Keegan and Jenna Melanie recently adopted Jenna & Keegan — a pair of feline siblings.

"Who could say 'no' to this face?"

During a recent adoption, Melanie had to say "yes," not only to this precious girl, Jenna, but also to her brother, Keegan.

a photo of Keegan the cat with his tongue out Keegan is very laid back while Jenna prefers human contact only when she's in the mood.

Melanie learned of our Program Partner, Oglala Pet Project (OPP), from friends who were either volunteering with OPP or who had already adopted a furry friend. She said, “It was my friends' involvement with OPP that convinced me this was from where I needed to adopt my next permanent house-guest. This is just a nicer way of saying I'm just a humble servant that lives here.

She originally planned to get one, but was very glad she said yes to two. Melanie explained, “I'd like to think that I let them pick me. There were 3 that paid attention to me, rather than racing wildly around the room, when visiting the litter of 6. Jenna, most of all. This picture was taken on our second meeting.”

Melanie was convinced she wanted a male kitty, so everything just evolved perfectly into adopting the two. She was thrilled that she did and explained that, “It was so much easier for the babies to adapt to their new home with a sibling alongside. Their bond is unmistakable.”

Photo of Keegan and Jenna Adopting two kittens at one time made the transition much easier on the babies.

When asked about their personalities, she said, “Keegan is very laid back, loving and the peacekeeper in the house. He was last in the pecking order and always the most affectionate of all 3 kitties in residence. He is a bit more domineering now, when he needs to be (playtime) and has evolved beautifully. He's one of the sweetest kitties I've ever met. I see him winning Barnee over with his charm, sweetness and patience. Jenna is far more aloof, in a princessy/royalty kind of way, and prefers human contact only when she's in the mood. Jenna is the alpha female of the house, but tolerates her room-mates quite nicely.”

a photo Barnee Barnee, the original "Kitty of Residence," adjusted slowly to the new family members.

Barnee, the original “Kitty of Residence,” adjusted slowly to the new family members. Melanie’s vision of loving companion kitties for Barnee was not exactly playing out as quickly as she'd hoped, but every day progress was being made. Barnee's tolerance for the babies was growing. She watched Keegan win Barnee over daily, and every time the babies played with Barnee, she relaxed a bit more with both.

Adopting two kittens at one time made the transition much easier on the babies, while at the same time, much wilder, and far more entertaining in Melanie’s house. To date, one of Melanie’s favorite things to witness was both OPP babies going air-born and play-attacking each other in mid-air.

The support provided to OPP from PWNA’s Reservation Animal Rescue (RAR) for dogs, helps open their budget to take in litters of kittens and ultimately, to find forever homes for sweet kitties like Jenna and Keegan. When two are adopted to such loving homes as Melanie’s, the story is even more heart-warming. Two are definitely better than one!