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Program Partner Spotlight: Good Dog Rez-Q

Tamara and Charlie Despite being busy, Tamara made time to talk about Good Dog Rez-Q.

In the fall, we caught up with Tamara Martin — and her friend, Charlie — at her home/rescue located in St. Johns, AZ: Good Dog Rez-Q.

Tamara took some time out of her busy schedule to visit with us. She reacquainted our staff with the operation that serves the Navajo and surrounding reservations. Once Tamara opened the electric gate and waved us up to the house, we received an all paws-on-deck, tail wagging, welcoming committee.

She showed us the new kennels in the back yard that provided shelter to the puppies that arrived on a regular basis. She had a new shed that held kennels, blankets, and other supplies for rescuing activities.

Because Tamara regularly receives pallets from the Reservation Animal Rescue (RAR) program, the semi-truck delivers the regular shipments to a secure location in town, just a few miles from Good Dog Rez-Q.

On the day we visited, Tamara was getting ready to receive a pregnant dog and her puppies from the Rough Rock area of Navajo, which was over three hours north of her community of St. Johns. Another momma had arrived from Pinetop, a community that bordered the Fort Apache Reservation, just an hour southwest of Tamara. And proving her commitment to animals, Tamara had even received a few rescues from areas in southern California!

One dog during our visit was particularly shy. Alfie, a rescue from the Grand Canyon area, had reached Good Dog Rez-Q with a litter of pups. Tamara explained that, “She is feral, but she is okay with us; shy around others.” The puppies had all been placed with forever homes, but Alfie would likely be a regular fixture with Tamara.

Alfie Alfie's puppies found a home but she will be staying with Tamara.

There had been a couple of adoptees that have remained with the Martins due to medical issues or just not finding the right place to call home.

Tamara was always appreciative of all the support provided by PWNA through the RAR program. In addition to all the items she received regularly to support the rescue and the foster network she had in place, Good Dog Rez-Q received a monetary grant to provide additional medical support for the animals. Most of the funds went toward spay and neutering of animals to ensure forever homes were receiving a healthy, altered animal as well as combatting the ongoing overpopulation of animals in tribal communities.

The Reservation Animal Rescue (RAR) program is honored to work with Program Partners like Tamara. All are dedicated in making sure that each animal finding their way to Good Dog Rez-Q is given compassion, love, and dignity in their remaining years.

Thanks go out to our dedicated Program Partners, generous donors, and donations from organizations like AmazonSmile that help make this service possible! #SeasonOfSmiles