Good Golly Miss Molly!

Photo of signage The sign outside Molly's foster home clearly indicates that animals are highly regarded.

As you near Molly's temporary foster home, it is clear from the warning sign that animals are highly regarded... 'SLOW DOWN' the howling dog yelps at incoming vehicles. And once you pull into the driveway, expect to be greeted by many four leggeds. This house is home to animals on the mend and preparing for adoption, but also provides shelter for our Program Partner, Tamara and her own stable of animals.

The Reservation Animal Rescue (RAR) program supports Program Partners assisting struggling animals and the people who care for them. Tamara works with a small army of individuals that are scattered in, on and near the Navajo Reservation. These individuals provide foster homes to stray animals. They serve as an alternative to typical animal shelters, which tend to be few and far given the high number of strays that roam the Navajo Reservation.

Animals are found in school yards, grocery store parking lots, and highways. Molly was found wandering the grocery store parking lot in Crownpoint, New Mexico. Her hunger was visibly evident from her protruding ribs and hip bones. Mary, one of the foster families in the area had noticed Molly before and wasn't going to let another day pass. She rescued Molly from her hunger and loneliness. Mary called upon Tamara for a temporary home. She was quick to take in Molly, a boxer/yellow Labrador mix. Tamara said she "goes through withdrawal" when she isn't helping an animal heal so Mary and Tamara met somewhere between their two homes and transferred Molly over to Tamara's care.

Photo of Molly - before Molly's hunger was visibly evident from her protruding ribs and hip bones.

Tamara's attentiveness quickly facilitated Molly's recovery process. She (Molly) began gaining a pound a day and during a recent visit with our representative, was a healthy, well-adjusted dog. Tamara said it's very rewarding when strays start to socialize with other animals and get comfortable. The couches were all covered with blankets and Molly took a nap during our visit. By the amount of snoring coming from her, it was clear Molly felt at home.

She won't be adoptable until some medical issues get resolved. Molly came to Tamara with mange (a skin condition) and an eye injury. She was already house trained and proved to be a loving animal that "laps up" the special attention she receives from Tamara and visitors. As soon as she is cleared by a vet, Tamara and Molly will begin the process of locating a permanent home for her.

Photo of Molly - after Her foster mom's attentiveness quickly facilitated Molly's recovery process.

We are very proud to be partnering with Tamara and the foster families serving stray animals on the Navajo Reservation. These animals typically receive food, treats, collars/leashes, bowls and blankets to help them become a good pet. This saves their temporary owner (the foster family) from having to purchase these items out of pocket and the supplies are well received. Thanks go out to Tamara, all the foster families, and you for all of your support of these animals of the reservation!

Caring support from individuals like you makes helping these animals a little easier.

Thank you!

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