Nestling Noelle

Photo of Noelle playing with a Christmas ornament "Noelle currently will play with anything that she deems a cat toy..."

Noelle is a beautiful fostered kitten who loves to show off in front of her foster mom’s camera.

A particularly cute picture was taken during the holidays with Noelle nestling under the Christmas tree.

You may remember Katya, the cat that was rescued by our Program Partner, Oglala Pet Project (OPP). The director, Andrea, had found Katya at the dump on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Originally named Anastasia, this beautiful rescued cat was eventually adopted by her foster mother, Jana, who later decided to rename her companion as Katya. We touched based with Jana in the new year about her newest foster, Noelle, to learn more about her story.

Jana excitedly shared, “Noelle is SUCH a good kitten. I love her!! She has lots of kitten spunk!”

Noelle was left at an elderly complex in the Kyle community. One of the residents picked her up and called OPP, knowing they could help her the best. Jana takes in many of the cats rescued by OPP and at first they were worried about ringworm with her — Noelle had a lot of spotty hair loss all over her body.

To be safe, Noelle was quarantined with the vet for eight days and Jana prepared for the long haul of caring for her if the tests came back positive. Fortunately, Noelle was negative for ringworm and cleared to come home for fostering! Jana added, “She wasn't feeling well the week after she came from the vet, so she spent two days sleeping. Each of the resident cats took turns sleeping with her.”

Photo of Noelle under the Christmas tree with a toy train Noelle was spotted nestling under the Christmas tree during the holidays.

As many of the fostered felines do, Noelle got along very well with Katya. Jana said, “They run all over, usually trying to get in trouble with the dog, and groom each other. She currently will play with anything that she deems a cat toy, and especially likes to ‘help’ tie shoe laces. She also likes to sit on backs/shoulders — I have lots of photos with her this way! She's the only cat/kitten we've ever had to form an attachment with my husband. She likes to follow him around the house from room to room; it doesn't matter what he's doing. I find it hilarious!”

Apparently Noelle was also a good snooze button. As soon as Jana’s alarm would ring out in the morning, Noelle was batting Jana’s face to remind her that it was “rise and shine” time! Jana’s final thoughts on Noelle were, “If you know anyone looking for an affectionate kitten, send them our way — sooner rather than later.” They wouldn’t want to miss any time enjoying Noelle’s antics.