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Puppy Love

puppy up close One of the 10 five-week-old puppies

The 12 Hills Dog Rescue is full of nook and cranny spaces for their rescues.

Like most farms, there are outbuildings that surround the main house, each with its own purpose contributing to the business of farming.

The 12 Hills farm, owned by Chuck and Nola, is a bit different. Inside these buildings are spaces for rescues, strays and homeless animals that have been fortunate to find their way to the green rolling fields. More importantly, they’ve run into the open arms and hearts of the people of 12 Hills Dog Rescue.

One of the special outbuildings is the nursery. A modular trailer houses the smaller, more vulnerable rescues that come to 12 Hills — or maybe they get their own building because they are the loudest! Chances are, it’s a little of both.

Brenda, one of the rescue helpers, works with Chuck and Nola. When we arrived, Brenda went to tidy up the nursery because these little ones are “pooping machines,” as Nola lovingly refers to them.

On the day of our visit, the nursery was home to 10 — yes 10 — five-week-old puppies. Their mom was a purebred German Shepherd. The dad, one of them anyway, was a mix of shepherd and chow. They actually think there may be another dad because some of the dogs have a Rottweiler look to them. None the less, they are all adorable in their own way.

two puppies together Who doesn’t love a little “naughty” when it comes with a side of ADORABLE!

They hadn’t been named yet, but one mischievous puppy had already earned the title of “Mr. Attitude.” A small, quieter black one had arrived with a screw worm on his neck. Brenda explained these worms come from horse flies and they lay their larvae under the skin.

Another tan pup had some injures to his ear. Chuck saw one of the pups dragging him, so that may be the cause. They all had mange so badly that their tails resembled rat tails. Chuck reassured us that “this type of mange you can’t pass it on. As much as we have handled (dogs) over the years, I haven’t gotten it.” So of course, we enjoyed playing and picking up the engaging little pups.

Originally relinquished to the rescue, the animal’s human companion told Nola that, “I did my best. I’m sorry Nola, I just couldn’t do it.” The rescue has assisted this particular owner in the past. They had previously even nursed the same momma dog back to health after getting shot. The couple said, “They just left her in the driveway.”

The momma dog will be spayed to prevent any more litters, as she’s been through enough. The owner appreciated the help and considered 12 Hills as angels. She visited the puppies in their new digs and knew she made the right decision to call the compassionate rescue for assistance.

puppy sticking out tongue They hadn’t been named yet, but one mischievous puppy had already earned the title of “Mr. Attitude.”

As much work as the “pooping machines” are, 12 Hills takes each animal to heart with love and humor. These pups were in their chewing phase. Nola was combatting their puppy teeth with boots and long pants.

She affectionate added, “They chew you all up when you go in there. I started wearing my rubber boots — and you have to wear long pants over your boots because they climb in your boots. Oh, they’re naughty!” No sooner than the word “naughty” comes out of her mouth, Nola is quick to praise them and hug them up.

Who doesn’t love a little “naughty” when it comes with a side of ADORABLE!