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Ribbon Magnet

Actual size = 5” high.

Thank you for signing the pledge to help keep American Indian languages, history, art, culture, and traditions alive! Show your American pride and your commitment to the Native American cause with this red, white and blue-themed automobile magnet.  Our ribbon replicates traditional Indian beadwork. *

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* We use "Remember Points" to keep track of when you are eligible to receive your free ribbon magnet. You need 50 points to earn your ribbon magnet.

Here's how to earn more points:

  1. Earn one point each time you send a Remember eCard to family and friends
  2. Earn ten points every time someone receives your personal eCard and uses the link you sent to sign the Remember pledge. (So, if five friends sign the pledge too, you have earned 50 points.)
  3. Bonus Points: Earn another point for every dollar you donate to one of our Programs working in American Indian communities all across the U.S.
  4. Magnets can be shipped to addresses in the continental US only. Available for a limited time, while supplies last. Limit of one magnet per household.