Win Your Favorite Pet a spot
in the 2017 ROAR Calendar!

Sage Pages - Honor Animal Wisdom in Your Life

Sage Pages - Honor Animal Wisdom in Your Life

Native Americans have long honored the wisdom animals provide for our lives. As an animal-lover, you have experienced this for yourself. ROAR Sage Pages allow you to create and personalize your own web page to honor the animal wisdom in your life, sharing their pictures and stories - have fun with it! In their honor, you can also help raise funds for animals needing assistance on reservations. Check out other pages as examples or learn more about traditional Native American animal wisdom.

Create your own Sage Page
Create your own Sage Page
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With our easy templates, you can...

  • Build your own pet's Sage Page
  • Upload and share photos of your favorite animals and their wisdom
  • Send emails to friends and family asking them to visit your page
  • Raise money to help support ROAR's Native American animal rescue
  • Connect with members who are passionate about Native Americans

Win Your Favorite Pet a Spot in the 2017 ROAR Calendar!

Is your favorite pet so cute they should be featured in a calendar? Now you have a chance to make that happen!

Each month from February to July, two deserving winners will be selected by the most popular vote. Each specially chosen pet will have their photo featured on one month in the 2017 ROAR Calendar to be seen by thousands!

To enter, simply create your pet’s own Sage page, upload the pet’s photo, and let all your friends and family know about this opportunity. There are several easy email templates to use. Encourage them to vote once a day — every day — and to spread the word to everyone in their address books.

Before you know it, you could be opening the mail to find your loyal friend pictured in the 2017 ROAR Calendar!

See rules for additional information.