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Photo of Mobile Clinic

Unless you love animals, it might be difficult to understand Dr. Carol Holgate's dedication to care for the animals in the communities around her.

But, Dr. Holgate is very focused on the needs of the animals in her area. She understands that the animal welfare services can't remain centralized at one location to make the difference she knows is needed. She has retrofitted a camper into a mobile clinic to help meet those needs. Instead of a camper that sleeps four to six people, it now serves four-leggeds. Beds and mattresses are replaced with important supplies that carry out the mobile spay and neuter services. The time on the road during the mobile clinics really isn't glamorous, but the people she surrounds herself with all understand that serving community and animals is the goal.

Dr. Holgate provides important animal welfare services to small and large animals on the Navajo Reservation. Thanks to the caring support of our donors, the ROAR Program is pleased to be one partner that has supported Dr. Holgate and her team with spay and neutering services, helping to further reduce costs for animal owners.

During a recent visit with Dr. Holgate, it’s clear that her vision has a path to continue to serve animals of the reservation. Just a few of her thoughts when we asked what her future goals are for the business included, “I would like to do more adoptions… We would like to move the clinic into town… I would like to serve more large animals.” She is very realistic in her goals. The progress is evident in the growth her clinic has experienced in the past few years.

Injured Dog

Currently, a small deck leads customers to the front desk area and a waiting area. Educational information to support the area animal owner is available to review and take home as well.

Stacking cages with welcoming blankets and food await injured or abandoned animals that are taken into the clinic. On the day of the visit, an injured dog and two kittens were receiving care.

Photo of Adoption Photos

Growth can be accompanied by growing pains. Dr. Holgate is practical in her goal setting and the business side of animal welfare. She would like to increase the adoption services, evident from her “wall of fame”… photos of successful adoptions to families wanting a forever friend, as well as pictures of those still wanting their happy ending.

Dr. Holgate is hesitant to estimate the total costs of caring for an animal through their adoption, but it can be expensive. Typical services include vaccinations, deworming and spay/neutering, but they only charge adopting families a little over $50. Plus, there are usually three to four months before finding the perfect home so feeding and caring for the animals is a cost that is really not factored into the overall costs. Add on the socialization skills with Dr. Holgate and other animals, and you have a companion for life that is ready for a new forever home.

Helping these four-leggeds — and the people who look after them —enjoy a better life would not be possible without the support of individuals like you.

Thank you for caring!

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American Indian reservations often face the issue of homeless animals without the resources to manage it. When we see innocent animals suffering unnecessarily, we don't want to just speak out ... we want to ROAR. Add your voice!

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