Success Stories

 Thanks for the Cheiz


There were many similarities among the Elders receiving their load of wood in the Navajo community of Whippoorwill.

All of the Elders receiving this gift of warmth were thankful and expressed their gratitude. One Elder said, "Thanks for the Cheiz" or "Wood."

Most of the Elders had family living with them and half of the Elders already had started their wood stoves because of the cold evenings creeping in their houses. Allison, one of the Elders that received wood on this crisp day, shared her story.

Allison is 76 years old and has lived in the community for 40 years. She recently fractured her ankle stepping out of her house and was scheduled to go to the clinic to have it looked at. She was still happy to come out and visit and show the volunteers where to load the wood. Allison had already burned wood to warm her house... it's too cold not to. She was grateful for the delivery because a typical load would cost her at least $80 and this will save her money. Allison's granddaughter, Margaret, accompanied her mother and grandmother outdoors to greet the visitors as well. Allison tried to count all her grandchildren, but gave up when she realized there were so many to keep track of. Allison was appreciative of the wood delivery and said thanks for the "CHEIZ!"

Allison Margaret

The purpose of the Winter Fuel service is to help Elders in need during these cold winter months. The smiles and thanks received during the deliveries showed that this was accomplished!

Thank you!