Southwest Reservation Aid™

Up to 43 percent of Native American children live in poverty and 29 percent of employed Native Americans live below poverty level.

The Southwest Reservation Aid™ (SWRA) program, formerly named the Council of Indian Nations, provides food, water, health products and emergency relief services for Native American Elders, families and children in need living on reservations in the Southwest.


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Cove Senior center

The Cove services over 110 Elders - including 20 who are homebound - with delicious hot meals like Mutton and vegetable soup.

Food pantry

“It really helps them. People really enjoy what they get and they know its hard work and not an easy job,” the supervisor, Maryline, shared.

Gwendolyn and Jerry

Jerry said it was nice to enjoy his coffee without having the cold air come in the window, yet still be able to see out of the window.

Featured Service

The holiday season is a time of joyous celebrations filled with food, friends, and presents for millions — but not so for many Native Americans.

Remembering Native American children and Elders will have a lasting impact that goes far beyond the holidays.

Shop and give a virtual holiday gift of hope to a Native child or Elder this season!

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Featured Infographic


Myths abound about Native Americans. Do you know the facts? Download this infographic to learn more and share.