Salmon Boy

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A young Haida boy was disrespectful to the salmon, or the "swimmer" as the people would call them. After being caught to eat, the boy would stomp on the bodies of the salmon. After eating them, he would disregard the way taught to him and he throws the bones into the bushes, instead of back in the water.

During a swim one day, a strong current took him to the deepest water and he drowned in the river. The "swimmer people" took him and taught him the ways to be respectful to the salmon. After one winter, the boy swam with the salmon and returned to the river.

His own mother caught him in her net and took him home. She knew it was her son because of the necklace he wore. He turned back into her boy after 8 days and he shared all the wisdom on the salmon people with his tribe. To this day, subsistence activities and traditional ceremonies are still essential and important to the Haida's cultural identity.

The water supplies their main food: salmon.

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