The Boy and the Rattlesnake

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There are a couple different tribes with a rattlesnake/boy story (Apache, Cherokee) but the jest is...a rattlesnake bites!

A boy came across a rattler in the road and the snake was very cold and stiff from an early frost. The snake asked the boy to pick him up and warm him or he would die.

The boy said, "No, if I pick you up you will bite me." The snake convinced the boy that he would not bite him and that he would surely die if the boy did not warm him.

The boy had a soft heart and felt sorry for the snake. The boy picked up the rattlesnake and held him close to his chest. As the snake warmed, he became less and less stiff and bit the boy in the arm! The boy threw the snake to the ground and exclaimed, "You bit me, you said you wouldn't if I helped you."

The snake replied, "but you knew I was a rattlesnake when you picked me up."

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