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Southwest Indian Relief Council
Southwest Indian Relief Council
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PO Box 16777
Mesa, AZ 85211
phone (800) 228-0124
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...SWIRC made her Thanksgiving Day a day to remember for many years.
"...SWIRC made her Thanksgiving Day a day to remember for many years."

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SWIRC services lessen the need on poverty-stricken reservations in six Southwestern states: Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, western Colorado, eastern California, and parts of Oklahoma.

Working through established reservation programs, Southwest Indian Relief Council (SWIRC) programming includes life-sustaining products that are always needed.

  • Food for the Elderly
  • Winter fuel (in the form of wood, coal, propane, or electric heat)
  • Health products (to promote preventative care and offset limited access to clinics)
  • Shoes and clothing (for families and communities)

SWIRC services also include opportunities for healthy human participation:

  • Community Walks with incentives (to offset diabetes and promote healthy lifestyles)
  • Sewing circles (where Elders can visit and make real quilts for those in need)
  • Thanksgiving meals (to promote community in what might be a time of despair)
  • Christmas gifts and meals (for those who might otherwise be forgotten)

The diabetes rate on the Navajo Reservation is 4 times higher than in the U.S.
Promoting community walks, and walking daily, help control diabetes.