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Success Stories 

School Supplies Story Header

Kids with books
We provide supplies to more than 10,000 Native American students annually, including these children in Nebraska.
Kay has volunteered at the K-12 Winnebago School for more than 20 years, as first her children and then her grandchildren attended classes there. The tribe’s cultural themes flow from the classrooms through the hallway and into the cafeteria, ever reminding these students of their proud heritage.

Student in Class
Smiles abound when Winnebago youngsters receive basic supplies that many American youths might take for granted.
Recently, Kay began receiving calls from families who could not afford school supplies for their youngsters — and from one in particular. Ms. Paulsen is a widow raising two grandsons, and she called the school again and again seeking materials to help them succeed.

“There is a lot of need in Winnebago,” Kay said simply. She was determined to help, and that’s how she became Program Partner for the School Supplies service.

A Wonderful Service
“I live on a fixed income, but I am still raising some of my grandchildren. … This is a wonderful service, and I am glad that Winnebago Schools can be a part of it,” wrote grateful Grandma Paulsen. “I know there are many grandparents in this community who feel as I do and live as I do, I am only one.”

Since receiving the supplies, the Winnebago School has launched two three-day camps to improve reading comprehension. Teachers and volunteers are also developing an after-school tutoring program for English and Math. Officials proudly note that the number of students graduating from the school is on the rise.