Celebrate American Indian Heritage Month

Celebrating American Indian Heritage Month by being #NativeAware

Celebrate American Indian Heritage Month

While we celebrate year-round at Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA), Heritage Month is a time to celebrate culture and tradition and to acknowledge the important contributions of Native people.

It also provides an opportunity for you to help educate others about tribes, general awareness about the unique challenges Native people have faced historically and in the present, and about the ways in which PWNA has helped tribal citizens work to conquer these challenges.

We need your help to make this Heritage Month successful! Join us!

We have so many great things to share and talk about this month — we’ll explore different Native languages, the real story of the first Thanksgiving, Native American recipes, and much more. We’re also hosting several giveawaysyou don’t want to miss these!

Click the "+" sign to learn more about each week. Check back daily for more giveaways, events, and downloads!

November 1st — 5th, 2021

November 1st

Join us for a Facebook LIVE event with PWNA's President and CEO, Joshua Arce, as he kicks off Heritage Month and discusses "What does Heritage mean to you?" No Facebook account needed — join us November 1st at 10AM CST, or watch the replay.

November 2nd

Many are still unaware of the disparities Native American people face on a daily basis. Sign the pledge to be more #NativeAware. The first 50 signers on this day will receive a limited-edition #NativeAware sticker!

November 3rd

Order your Heritage Month merch! You can celebrate Native American Heritage for years to come with a limited-edition t-shirt, hoodie, or coffee mug. Order one for yourself, or tackle your holiday shopping early and order one for a friend. Order today >>

November 4th

Start a fundraiser for Native Elders. 25% of Native Americans are affected by food insecurity. Start a fundraiser today to help provide Thanksgiving meals to an Elder and their family! You can easily create your fundraiser on Facebook or JustGiving!

November 5th

Enter to win a basket of Bedré Fine Chocolates! Bedré is a nationally recognized luxury chocolate brand owned by the Chickasaw Nation in Ada, Oklahoma — the only Native American tribe to create their own brand of fine chocolate. Enter now for your chance to win >>

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November 6th — 10th, 2021

November 6th

Alyssa London — former AIEF Scholar, author, motivational speaker, business owner, and producer of the Culture Story television series was thrilled when we asked her to participate in Heritage Month. Watch as Alyssa, proud enrolled tribal member of the Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska, tells you what Heritage means to her! Watch the video >>

November 7th

The greatest compliment you can give a non-profit is a referral. Share PWNA with a friend today on Facebook or send them an email about all the great things we are accomplishing together!

November 8th

30% of the Navajo Nation lacks access to running water. 42% of Navajo homes lack complete plumbing facilities. On average, Navajo people travel 48 miles to get drinking water. Native American households are 19 times more likely than white households to lack indoor plumbing. You can help us deliver clean drinking water to Native American families in need! No gift is too small — donate the cost of a bottle of water ($2) via CashApp to $PWNA4Hope or cover the cost of 5 bottles of water ($10) with your generous gift to our online donation form today!

November 9th

Exercise your corporate responsibility — check out our post on Facebook today to see the 6 questions about workplace giving you should be asking your employer! After speaking to your employer, visit our Workplace Giving page and ask your employer to reach out to our Donor Relations department for assistance at 1-800-416-8102.

November 10th

What have you always wanted to know about Native Americans? Do you have a question about the culture or heritage? Perhaps you have questions about PWNA’s programs? We want to hear from you! Ask your questions today & don’t miss our Facebook LIVE on November 16th as PWNA President & CEO goes LIVE to answer YOUR questions! Leave your questions in the comments on today’s Facebook post or email them to us at webmaster@nativepartnership.org.

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November 11th — 15th, 2021

November 11th

Enter to win a mini, hand-painted, Native-made leather drum & medicine bag! Why are drums so important in Native American culture? What do you put in a medicine bag? Learn more and enter to win >>

November 12th

Does your state have Native roots? Whose land are you on? Check out our Facebook post today to learn more about Native land, the #landback movement, and find out which tribes originally inhabited the land you currently live on by visiting Native-land.ca. You can also text your zip code or city and state (separated by a comma) to this number in the U.S. to find out which Native Land you're living on — (907) 312-5085.

November 13th

Discover Native Languages! Did you know the biggest football game of the year was broadcast in the Navajo language in 1996? Or that the parent language of Potawatomi was listed in the 1992 Guinness Book of World Records as the most complex language in the world? Discover Native American Languages — download this eBook and learn 8 words in 5 Native languages!

November 14th

How much do you know about Native Americans? Do Native Americans pay federal taxes? Is college free for Native Students? Test your knowledge — take the quiz today!

November 15th

Children are the future. That's why it is so important that we all do our part to teach them the truth of how this Nation came to be, and the importance of the Native people who were here before us. Download this Thanksgiving lesson plan to help teach children the truth about Thanksgiving from a Native American perspective. Share it with a teacher, a school, or review the contents with your own children or grandchildren. Download the Truth About Thanksgiving lesson plan today >>

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November 16th — 20th, 2021

November 16th

Join our Facebook LIVE at 12PM CST today as PWNA's President & CEO, Joshua Arce, goes LIVE to answer your questions from last week! Join us today — no Facebook account needed!

November 17th

Enter to win a horsehair etched pottery piece from the Navajo Nation! Learn more about Native American pottery, the importance of pottery in Native history and culture, and enter to win here on November 17th!

November 18th

What Native causes are you interested in? Is food sovereignty the most important cause to you? Do you think education is the key? Your opinion matters, take the survey and tell us what causes are most important to you!

November 19th

Wear red today to recognize #RedShawlDay and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW). Your support and bringing awareness to #MMIW is vital. The stats are troubling but by spreading awareness we can work towards a common goal of eradicating this problem so that future generations thrive. Wear red today and tag us in your photos (@pwna4hope) to show your support.

November 20th

Share your Heritage month photos! If you've received a #NativeAware sticker, won a giveaway, or ordered Heritage Month shirts or hoodies — we want to see your pictures! Share your merch photos with us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to show your support and encourage others to celebrate! Don't forget to tag us — @pwna4hope #pwna4heritage!

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November 21st — 25th, 2021

November 21st

Did you know that it is possible for you to assist Native Americans without it costing you anything during your lifetime? Learn more about Planned Giving >>

November 22nd

In Native American culture, the centuries-old proven tradition of the “Three Sisters” method of planting includes corn, beans, and squash. These three plants are important in traditional Native American agriculture as well as in cooking. Download and try this traditional Native American recipe >>

November 23rd

1 in 4 Native Americans face food insecurity — which means they do not have enough, or access to enough nutritional food for a healthy lifestyle. Inflation poses a threat to Thanksgiving on the reservation this year — it is expected to be the most expensive meal in the history of the holiday. Many Native families may not be able to put a warm, nutritious meal on the table. You can help! Donate now to help a Native Elder with a Thanksgiving meal >>

November 24th

Do you know what really happened during the first Thanksgiving? We think we know what happened — why it was held, how the Wampanoag were invited, what the English ate. It is easier to believe this tale than to look at the facts. Download the real story of the first Thanksgiving, as shared by descendants of the Wampanoag Tribe and descendants of the English in Plymouth Colony — learn what really happened in 1621 and how those events have shaped the reality for Native American communities today.

November 25th

The last couple of years have been a challenge for many. Research has shown that gratitude can help fight depression and elicit positive feelings. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, take a moment to reflect today and let us know, "What is something you are thankful for this year?" Leave your comment on the video or on our Facebook page.

Happy Thanksgiving from PWNA — we're thankful for you!

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November 26th — 30th, 2021

November 26th

Today is National Native American Heritage Day! Heritage Day was added as a national holiday in 2008 by Barack Obama in an effort to encourage others to understand the rich culture, tradition, heritage, and history of Native Americans and their status today. We should all strive to be more #NativeAware and appreciate the contributions Native Americans have made and continue to make to our Nation. Share an eCard with a friend in celebration of Native American Heritage Day >>

November 27th

Today on #SmallBusinessSaturday, we encourage you to #BuyNative! Fashion, jewelry, beauty, high-end art — we're positive you'll find something to fall in love with! Check out the many names on this list and support Native Artists today >>

November 28th

Why do you support Native causes? Is food security important to you, or are the social justice and equality issues more important to you? Do you just love the culture? Your opinion matters to us! Tell us why you choose to support Native causes — write a testimonial for PWNA >>

November 29th

As we bring Native American Heritage month to a close, we would like to thank you for joining us, supporting Native causes, and being #NativeAware. Today on #CyberMonday, take $5 off your order at the Heritage Month store with this special coupon. Enter “pwna4hope” at checkout >>

November 30th

Let's end Heritage Month with purpose! Today, on #GivingTuesday — the largest giving day of the year, we need your help to deliver Winter Warmth to more than 1,300 Native American Elders in need! No amount is too small — make your most generous gift today to help deliver blankets, scarves, gloves, socks, and most importantly, hope, to Native Elders on the reservation this winter! Make your #GivingTuesday gift now >>

Don't forget to enter the grand prize giveaway! Enter now for your chance to win 4 Wes Studi movies, Tanka Bars, a dreamcatcher, and PWNA swag >>

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See The Official Giveaway Contest Rules and Prizes >>

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