Highlights and Lowlights

Each month, our ROAR Program Partners send us reports of their services. Part of the reporting forms gives them an opportunity to provide a short story of a particular animal hardship or success. Below are the highlights and lowlights of last year’s adventures in rescuing cats and dogs on Native American reservations:

Marius Marius finally found his forever home after 2 years.

“One of our longtime resident cats finally found his forever home with a wonderful family. ‘Marius’ had been here over 2 years. We are very appreciative of any and all food for these critters!! Thank you!”

—Mission Valley Animal Shelter, 03/2012

“Sadie and Callie came to OPP with Porcupine quills. They are both healthy now and in foster homes. Three of Kate’s puppies born in foster care have been adopted. Four OPP kitties have been adopted and are in their forever homes. Our second spay/neuter clinic and wellness clinic will be held this week — we hope for a huge success again.”

—OPP, 03/2012

“Dog adoptions continue to be a success. [We’re dealing with] another difficult rehab with “Mato.” We’ve had him almost 3 weeks — treating his severe mange, starvation and hip/leg injury which may lead to amputation. He is putting on weight slowly and his hair is growing back.”

—OPP, 07/2012

Sookie Sookie can no longer fit into this spot that she found on her first day home with us.

“Two boys brought their Chihuahua puppies in for spay and neuter. They paid for their puppy shots and worming themselves. The mom was trying to teach them to be good pet owners at a young age, which was nice!”

—OPP, 08/2012

“We were also successful adopting to another staff worker…congrats to Laura on her adoption of OPP’s Squirrel who has been renamed by the family as ‘Sookie.’” (Sookie can no longer fit into this spot (pictured right) that she found on her first day home with us!)

—OPP, 08/2012

“This month’s story is about Spotty. She was brought to us by Winnebago Animal Control. The family lost their entire home and contents to fire. They had 5 dogs. When they found another home, Spotty wouldn't stay and was picked up 3 times wandering the streets. So, she was brought here. Spotty is almost ready to deliver her puppies. She is a terrier/heeler mix and has red color markings. She is sweet and looking for a place close to us to have her babies.”

—Twelve Hills Dog Rescue, 03/2012

Puppy Buttons is our success story.

“Such a busy month — Buttons is our success story. First, she was Miss July on the ROAR calendar, and then was adopted by the sweetest lady. Buttons had her surgery and it wasn’t as severe as previously thought. She needed repair on her umbilical hernia, so it was done when she was spayed. She received 2 pillows, blankets, and treats from Ashleigh and Stevie (Stevie’s Furry Friends). She is loved and is one of the stars in the video “Adopt Me Maybe?” on You Tube made for 12 Hills.”

—Twelve Hills Dog Rescue, 09/2012

“We have had a tremendous influx of dogs at this time due to phone calls and relinquishments from the spay/neuter clinic. A mother dog and her six 3-week-old puppies are now receiving care at one of our foster homes. The mother most likely will need her leg amputated, but we are not making that final decision until she has weaned her puppies, as we do not want to stress her any further while she is still nursing. She is literally being given life giving food from the ROAR Program, mixed with puppy food we are purchasing, which in turn will nourish her pups as well. All are receiving appropriate vet care for mange, worms, and malnourishment.

—Borders without Boundaries Rescue, 04/2012

“The mother of the six pups is doing well since her amputation. We made the decision to amputate after our vet confirmed that she had radial nerve damage, which is most commonly seen in dogs that have fallen from the back of a vehicle. She is a happy, playful girl who gets around quite well with three legs and we continue her treatment for Sarcoptic mange.”

—Borders without Boundaries Rescue, 05/2012

Caring people like you have helped make it possible to aid reservation animals in need. Thank you!