November is American Indian Heritage Month

Celebrating American Indian Heritage Month by Remembering Native Americans

Take the "Realities on the Reservations Challenge"

This Native American Heritage Month, PWNA challenges you to get informed about realities on the reservations. So many people believe Native Americans live for free, getting government entitlements or income from casinos. But this is far from reality. As Wes says:
“Native communities have found solutions that work within their cultures, but funding has not kept pace to support them. My hope is that together with PWNA we can increase awareness and show that supporting Native-led causes is the only way we can create change.”

Join us the first four Fridays in November, plus November 26 and 27, to take the challenge when PWNA posts a new educational video narrated by legendary actor Wes Studi, a new Wes Studi DVD giveaway and new actions you can take! Pay close attention to the Contest Rules, which includes the Schedule for contest entry dates.

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November 1st, 2019

History, Treaties and Tribes

The views and scenery on the reservations are breathtaking, but beauty is only skin deep. The reality of what’s happening on the reservations is a very different story. This video explores the impact of history and treaties on the tribes today, and how the reservation system limits the building and sale of homes and the development of business and infrastructure.

Giveaway: Avatar DVD, Extended Collector's Edition

In this movie, Wes stars as Eytukan, leader of the Na'vi, the “alien” tribe that resists the human invaders who threaten to destroy his community’s way of life. The “Avatar” DVD set contains 3 versions of the movie (including an unreleased extended cut), plus hours of bonus feature, documentaries and deleted scenes. Sign Up to enter by midnight Eastern on November 4 and check Facebook @PWNA4hope on November 5 to see if you won.

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Reality: Did you know that over 500 treaties were made with tribes by the U.S. government, nearly all of them broken or underfunded? To learn more about how this and other history still impacts tribes today, watch this @PWNA4hope @WStudi video, “Economics of Indian Gaming.” #NAHM #PWNA4HeritageMonth

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After American Indian Heritage Month is over, we hope you will continue learning and sharing with us. If you haven’t done so already, please register on the PWNA website or PWNA blog so we can hear from you regularly — and you can stay tuned for our holiday promotions!

Official Giveaway Contest Rules and Prizes


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